Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology staff

Academic team

Dr Gary Latchford - Joint Programme Director and Research Director
Dr Ciara Masterson - Academic Director
Dr Charlotte Baker - Teaching Fellow in Clinical Neuropsychology
Dr David Turgoose - Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr Rebecca Yeates - Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr Fiona Trew - Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr Tansy Warrilow – Equality Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Dr Carol Martin - Visiting Lecturer

Clinical Tutor Team

Dr Jan Hughes - Joint Programme Director and Clinical Director
Dr Tom Isherwood - Senior Clinical Tutor
Dr Fiona Thorne - Clinical Tutor
Dr Tracey Smith - Clinical Tutor
Dr Kerrie Channer – Clinical Tutor
Dr Sarah Bradley – Clinical Tutor

Academic related staff

Dr Clare Dowzer - Learning Technologist / Research Coordinator
Ms Anita Dorsett - Research Coordinator 

Support Staff

Deborah Williams - Student Education Service Officer (DClin Programme Co-ordinator)
Sarah Snowden - Student Education Service Assistant (DClin Programme Administration)
Harriet Armour Student Education Service Assistant (Programme Support)