Max Hamilton Research Fund

Past awards

A few examples of awards made by the Fund

  • £162 to help with the transcription costs of interviews for research exploring the progression of stalking behaviour towards mental health professionals.
  • £285 to cover "thank you" donations to support groups for research examining the wellbeing of carers of people with severe and enduring eating disorders.
  • £156 to help with the stationery costs for a project looking at psychosocial problems experienced by carers of people with dysphasia following stroke.
  • £448 to help with the costs of printing a questionnaire for a survey of 800 people looking at the attitudes and beliefs of health professionals towards people who smoke and who are overweight.
  • £200 for photocopying, postage and stationery for a systematic review of studies comparing old and new antidepressants: an investigation of bias in meta analysis.
  • £90 to help with the cost of stationery and postage for a study to measure the prevalence of emotional and behavioural problems in children newly diagnosed with cancer and children who have had cancer and been off treatment for more than two years.
  • £350 to help with the stationery and transcription costs of research examining male patients' opinions and views of proposals to remove single sex accommodation in hospitals particularly acute psychiatric wards.
  • £550 to help with a study to develop a viable Urdu translation of the widely used 28 item General Health Questionnaire (or GHQ 28) and to evaluate the linguistic, conceptual and scale equivalence of the Urdu and English versions.
  • £90 for photocopying and postage for a survey to determine the research experience of Senior Registrars in Psychiatry and to establish the level of encouragement they are given to become involved in research.