Equity, diversity and inclusion

Staff and Student Stories – Case Studies

Angela Graves

My journey in a nutshell. 

The University of Leeds gave me my first book when, aged 3 years old, I attended a staff Christmas party with my grandparents. My love of books began here. 
I grew up in a low participation neighbourhood, was the first in my family to attend University and I have benefitted from widening participation activities at the University. I was a Registered Nurse before studying Midwifery and moved into Higher Education in 2006. 
I understand the pressures of balancing a busy family life and part time working and the impact this can have on career progression. Having supportive mentorship throughout my career has made a positive difference - cheering me on were other successful women (and men) who 'had my back'. 
My take home message. 
Belief in yourself and your abilities - you are important and so is your story. 

Netalie Shloim

I have been a member of the committee for more than 6 years. Athena Swan supports my feeling of belonging. Coming from a different country and culture, in which English is also not my first language, I feel accepted and that my values and beliefs are respected. The work increased my own knowledge of feeling included. For example I was able to ask to amend my teaching days so they are not taking place on religious days. This was important for myself but also accommodated students needs as well. 

The work contributes hugely to a great sense of belonging, of a collective. It supports the ability to share our differences, to learn what is needed for an inclusive work and teaching environment and that our differences and different needs are welcomed. Encouraged. 

Rochelle Tattersall

The support I received from my course and module team, when my sons were ill, allowed me to focus of them, and still complete the module to a high standard.

Sarah Copeland 

As a new member of staff, I was made aware of the School of Healthcare’s Athena Swan gender equality work by my line manager.  I am now a SAT member, contributing to our school silver renewal application.

Liz Lavender 

I am fortunate that the School supported me to complete the University Engagement Excellence Scheme. Being an Engagement Excellence Fellow is so important to my role as an applied health researcher as it enhances the success of grant applications and delivery of research studies. Engaging community partners and involving members of the public in health research is an essential part of our intervention development. I also enjoy supporting colleagues in the School with public and patient involvement and  engagement (PPIE) activities.

Mandy McMorran 

I have been supported to purchase additional annual leave and this really helped me to care for my family during school holidays.

Jane Cahill

I have an inspirational mentor supporting me to submit a promotion application, using my combined leadership experience as Athena Swan co-chair and Academic Unit Director

Abdul Kapdi

In the school I feel my contribution is valued as a PTO* member of staff, and I am proud to be co-chair of the Athena Swan SAT.

The School has supported me in my career development.
I started in the School of Healthcare in the summer of 1995 as an IT technician. The School has supported my career in providing me with  opportunities to learn and to undertake leadership opportunities which have taken me to my current positions of Operations Manager in the School and Business Manager in LIHS . As a PTO* member of staff I feel proud to be co-chair of the AS SAT.