How to get involved

Image representing student from the School of Healthcare asking how to get involved

We are keen to work with anyone who is a Service User or Carer (SUC) - we work with people of all ages and abilities and from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We want to offer our students opportunity to learn from a range and breadth of experiences. For some research or health innovation work, there may be a requirement for SUCs to have experience of particular health or social care problems.

Your experience and a willingness to work with us is the key skill that you need. We will support you in how to share your knowledge and experience so that it influences student learning and the research that we undertake.

How much time does it involve?

The amount of time you commit is up to you, and could range from an hour teaching session through to a whole day as part of a team assessing students work or interviewing prospective students. 

Training opportunities

We offer training opportunities tailored to individual needs. Often this starts with a Patient Learning Journey Group for those who are new to the School of Healthcare, and then workshops on specific topics identified by the SUC community.

For individual student education sessions the course or module leader will provide information about students' learning needs, and discuss the format of the session you would contribute to. 

Training is provided to help prepare you for working with us and also as a recognition of the contribution that SUCs bring to our activities and student learning.

Payment and rewards

We do pay people for their contribution to the School’s activities. Rates of pay depend on the nature of the work being undertaken, and payment will be made clear in advance of the activity.

We recognise that some people would prefer to have their contribution acknowledged in non-monetary ways and we do this through providing access to other opportunities within the university.

How to contact us

If you would like to know more about working with the School of Healthcare we would be happy to talk to you, or arrange for one of current SUCs to talk to you about their experience.

Dr. Joanna Smith
Associate Professor Child Nursing
Academic Lead for Pubic Engagement and Involvement
0113 343 6297