Equity, diversity and inclusion

Athena SWAN award submission and action plan

Key Priority One: Increase the sustainability of leadership and delivery of the Athena Swan action plan  

1.1 Ensure that people in leadership roles across the school are clear about the Athena Swan (AS) principles, 4 key priorities and action plan.
1.2 Embed the 4 AS priorities in the School Transformation Programme (TP). 
1.3 All leadership development within the school includes role modelling a positive workplace culture with a clear focus on gender equality 
1.4 Successful delivery of the AP


Key Priority Two:  Develop inclusive and supportive cultures for all staff  

2.1 Capture more staff voices through surveys and find other ways of hearing colleagues lived experiences of belonging and inclusions and bullying and harassment.
2.2 Rebuild a culture where colleagues feel cared about and supported to care for others.
2.3 Ensure relocation to the Worsley Building enables an equitable, diverse, and inclusive working environment.
2.4 Re-engage researchers through our TP Research, and People and Place workstreams.
2.5 Increase awareness of bullying/harassment/sexual misconduct, and how to report and access support 
2.6 We are aware that Global Majority colleagues are more likely to experience bullying and harassment.  Collect EDI data in surveys to enable intersectional analyses.


Key Priority Three: Support career progression and fair workloads

3.1 Identify current barriers to promotion and implement appropriate interventions including for FTC researchers. 
3.2 Remotivate women to apply for promotion and build confidence in the process.
3.3 Take positive action to enable women from the Global Majority to progress
3.4 Promote opportunities for development in role for Professional, Technical, Operational* staff
3.5 Address increasing workload and impact on progression  


Priority Four:  Provide an inclusive and supportive student experience

4.1 Increase student understanding and reporting of discrimination and harassment 
4.2 Work with Faculty of Medicine and Health (FMH) to jointly tackle student sexual harassment.
4.3 Tackle racism through embedding the principles of the British Medical Association (BMA) Charter for Medical Schools in School of Healthcare. 
4.4 Recruit Student AS Champions to promote intersectional gender equality. 
4.5 Improve access to education and student success in specific groups, including men, Global Majority, and disabled students