Research projects

Project title
Acceptability of an online dietary recall tool in women with gestational diabetes
Addressing what matters to frail older people and their informal carers in primary care based clinical encounters and contacts
Administration of medicines in care homes (with nursing) for older people by care assistants
An evaluation of the Birth Matters Clinic
An exploration of the perspectives of chronic pelvic pain amongst women from South Asian backgrounds
Apps for adolescents with chronic rheumatic disease (CRD): a qualitative study of young people’s, parents’ and professionals’ views on required components of a mobile health-app to support self-care
A realist synthesis to explain how, for whom and in what circumstances different community mental health crisis services work. (MH-CREST)
A review of evidence on skin care for healthy babies at term and to inform the development of practice guidelines
Assessing research capacity and capability (RECAP) in HCPs: A collaborative pilot study in Leeds Children’s Hospital
Barriers and facilitators to deprescribing for older people living in care homes – PhD study
Cancer care co-ordinators and support workers supporting specialist cancer nursing services
Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Study (CHIPPS)
Children and young people aged 8-15 years with severe allergic eye disease: Development and refinement of a developmentally appropriate Quality of Life measure
Children and young people with CKD: a qualitative study of their views on desirable components for a developmentally appropriate, CKD-specific information and support software application
Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a multifaceted podiatry intervention for falls prevention in older people
COMPARE Establishing components of programmes to reduce restrictive practices: an evidence synthesis
CONTRAST Establishing components of interventions to reduce restrictive practices with children and young people: an evidence synthesis.
Culturally adapted Family Intervention (CaFI) for African Caribbeans with schizophrenia and their families
Delivering Digital Drugs
Developing a service user centred co-designed patient safety intervention for acute mental health wards: A mixed methods process evaluation
Early facilitated discharge in acute mental health
Effects of a demand-led evidence briefing service on the uptake and use of research evidence by commissioners of health
Engaging Partners in Childbirth for Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV (EPOCH Study): preliminary work for a randomised controlled trial
Evaluation of patient preferences for and cost effectiveness of community intravenous antibiotic services (CIVAS)
Fostering and sustaining UK, multidisciplinary, family-focused care across the life-course: A White Rose collaboration in long-term condition management
Identifying and managing perinatal mental health in male partners using the Born and Bred in Yorkshire (BaBY) cohort: White Rose collaboration in gender and perinatal mental health
Implementing the six core strategies (6CS) – UK Working in partnership to minimise harm to patients and staff.
Improving the safety and continuity of medicines management at care transitions (ISCOMAT) for people with heart failure
Innovation to enhance health in care homes: Rapid evidence synthesis
Investigating the barriers and facilitators to the prescribing and use of medicines in managing neuropathic pain- PhD study
Leeds Older women Urinary Incontinence Self-Management (LOUISA)
Let’s talk about the S word: developing an interactive training resource to engage and meet the sexuality and intimacy needs of care home residents.
Medication adherence Validation and feasibility testing of a novel questionnaire to identify barriers to medication adherence
Midland and North of England Stillbirth Study
Organising general practice for care homes: A multi-method study
Patient Safety Translational Research Centre - Safe Use of Medicines Theme
Prescribing and use of opioids for chronic non-malignant pain: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies
Providing a standardised approach to virtual clinical follow up of total joint replacement
Providing the foundation for effective decision support for skin problems in primary care
Re-imagining professionalism in mental health
Relationship between care home staffing and quality of care: a mixed methods approach
Social Prescribing: A way forward in assisting self-management of osteoarthritis (OA)
SPICES: Seclusion and Psychiatric Intensive Care Evaluation Study
Supporting young mothers (aged 14-25) in the first two years of life
The challenges of shared decision making and antipsychotic polypharmacy in forensic settings an interview and observational study
The detection and management of pain in patients with dementia in acute care settings: development of a decision tool
The GEM study: Games for educating midwives in Sub-Saharan Africa
The RECO study: Realist Evaluation of service models and systems for CO- existing serious mental health and substance use conditions
The safety and quality of the management of medicines when people with dementia move between the care home and hospital setting - PhD study
Towards modelling an asthma e-health communication tool for young people: a scoping exercise of current practice
Trans-venous occlusion of incompetent pelvic veins as a treatment for chronic pelvic pain in women: a pilot randomised control trial
Understanding palindromic rheumatism: defining the impact, identifying the phenotype and establishing research priorities
Understanding the prevalence, care and management of frailty in care home residents
Values Based Recruitment: What works for whom, why, and in what circumstances?
What does shared decision-making mean to children aged 8-12 years with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia?