Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Study (CHIPPS)



 Development and delivery of a cluster randomised controlled trial to determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of pharmacist independent prescribing for people living in care homes


  • WP1 Service specification development 

  • WP2 Identification of outcome measures 

  • WP3 Economic modelling 

  • WP4 Training package

  • WP5 Feasibility study 

  • WP6 Definitive cluster RCT with internal pilot.


Research shows that almost 70% of care home residents experience at least one medication error on any given day.  Three recent reports and NICE guidance suggest that prescribing, monitoring and administration of medicines in care homes could be significantly improved, thus increasing residents’ quantity of life and improving use of NHS resources. Research has identified the need for one person to assume overall responsibility for the management of medicines within each care home. We propose that this role could be undertaken by a pharmacist independent prescriber (PIP) who primarily assumes responsibility for the authorisation of repeat medicines.


Wright, University of East Anglia

Holland, University of East Anglia

Desborough, University of East Anglia

Poland, University of East Anglia

Barton, University of East Anglia

Turner, University of East Anglia

Norris, University of East Anglia

Blyth, University of East Anglia

Maskrey, University of East Anglia

Shepstone, University of East Anglia

Arthur, University of East Anglia

Alldred, University of Leeds 

Hughes, Queen's University Belfast

Bond, Aberdeen University

Mint, Aberdeen University

Zermansky, Consultant  

Swart, Norwich CTU

Handford, PPI

Massey, PPI

Hill, Consultant

Funding body: NIHR Programme Grant

Contact: Professor David Alldred  & Dr Amrit Daffu-O’Reilly