Our values

As a provider of graduates to health and social work we reflect and support the key values of putting service users first, showing respect and dignity and being inclusive and supportive to all. Quality of care – safety and effectiveness, needs to be right every time and we ensure compassion is at the heart of every contact we have. We expect excellence and professionalism as a constant.

Commitment and dedication

Our programmes are some of the most challenging in the University and studying with us requires commitment, determination and dedication. Our courses involve practice and academic study and continue throughout the year, as you build your skills and knowledge.

Flexibility, adaptability

Our students need to be flexible and adaptable, whether working alongside practitioners or service users in health or community settings delivering quality care.

Empathy and listening skills

Our students are comfortable talking and listening to others, they are able to show understanding and empathy, recognise need and be able to remain in control and be professional in any given situation.

Personal caring experience

You may have had previous experience of caring; whether for a family member, relative or loved one. Or you may have worked in a care home, in the St. John’s Ambulance service or as a volunteer in place of worship or community. It all helps.

So why study nursing, midwifery or social work?

Our graduates touch people’s lives in many personal ways that stay with people forever. We have caring and dedicated students and being a Leeds graduate gives you an excellent springboard to build a rewarding career, caring, helping and improving the lives of others.