Vinami Yulian - International PhD Student

Vinami Yulian

I studied ‘Desa SIAGA’ programme or alert village as a community participation approach to improve maternal and neonatal health in Indonesia. My findings provide valuable insights on how to develop and build on the programme, with a view to improving maternal and child outcomes.

Doing a PhD gave me an opportunity to explore my potential in the research field. Making networks with colleagues from various backgrounds is a bonus.

Doing a PhD was a long journey of working on my own – especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. However, I could seek supports from my supervisors and friends. Being apart from my family in Indonesia sometimes made me homesick, yet the sophisticated technology nowadays, such as video calls, has helped me to cope with this stressor. When I felt stressed I told myself that it’s worth it at the end.

The University of Leeds provides a vibrant study atmosphere. I love the ancient look of the buildings. The city and surroundings are beautiful. I could find anything I needed including Indonesian things, such as ‘tempeh’. As a minority of Muslims wearing hijab, I felt that Leeds was very friendly and safe. I had no problems finding Halal foods.

My PhD was funded by Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP).


Professor Linda McGowan and Dr Tomasina Stacey – School of Healthcare.