Suliat Oyeneyin

I am a Student Child Nurse and I knew I wanted to do this course when I realised my passion for caring for people, especially when my brother went to hospital. I wanted to study at Leeds because I did my research and found that it was number one for Nursing, I want to be the best so I decided to go to the best. Leeds has amazing lecturers, especially in clinical skills which really prepares you for your placements and builds up your confidence. My advice for those applying to Leeds is to prepare yourself for this challenging course, your personal tutor is a great support system for you. Also, remember to enjoy yourself and make friends, especially within the course.

The most rewarding aspects of my placement is getting to know a diverse amount of amazing children and parents and being a part of a child’s healing process. So far, I have been on the Surgical Ward which consists of children going into surgery or those coming back from surgery. I also had a community placement which meant I and a qualified child nurse went to the children’s homes once they had been discharged from hospital to give further care. In order for students to be successful in practice, they need to have an open mind because Nursing isn’t just a boxed idea. It consists of numerous skills that can only be experienced and observed in placement, make the most of each placement you are on and grasp every opportunity you can to learn. Do this by asking lots of questions about what is going on around you.

After graduation, I aim to explore different aspects of care in order to decide which specialty I would like to be situated in. This programme has made me realise the vast opportunities that Nursing qualifies you for, most especially in what you may want to specialise in. Graduates employed by Trust are special because of the experience they have through placement and knowledge they have acquired through research for essays.