Reshelle Thomas-Jarrett BSc midwifery student case study 2018

Rashelle Thomas-Jarrett

I am a second year midwifery student. I became fascinated with embryology from a very young age after watching a documentary on television. This lead to a science degree but I missed interacting with people on a daily basis and maternity care seemed like the perfect mix between research and scientific communication. I did my previous degree at Leeds and loved my time here. I couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else. The close proximity to the countryside is a bonus.

Never be afraid to ask for support. Your lecturers want you to succeed so utilise them. Getting positive feedback from women and their families is the most rewarding and satisfying thing about placement. I have had placements on all aspects of maternity care which has challenged me to develop a wide breadth of knowledge regarding the care of women and newborns.

To become a competent midwife with excellent communication skills and unpinning knowledge to practice. I would like to continue to keep up to date with current evidence in order to provide the best care to women and their families. This programme has provided excellent foundations for my future career aspirations. The graduates from the University of Leeds have a fantastic outlook on their careers and are constantly striving to provide better care for women and their families.