Luke White, previous student at the University of Leeds.

Luke White

I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2012 with a BSc Hons Adult Nursing degree. I am now a Senior Clinical Educator for Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant.

A degree from Leeds has helped me progress more quickly in my career as increasingly the NHS have moved towards degree level nursing at the point of entry, I was able to achieve my Masters in Advanced Practice in Professional Healthcare.

Studying at Leeds has been seen as an advantage by current/potential employers at interview as Leeds is known for the excellent reputation of the medical and nursing degrees, I do think studying at Leeds has been an advantage to prospective employers.

The values and behaviours a Leeds award provided me in my professional role allows me to demonstrate that I have had a high quality education and it taught me integrity, evidence based practice approach to solving problems at work, additionally to be professional and to provide confident leadership at work to be a positive role model for all teams.

Academics, researchers and practitioners at Leeds have helped shaped my professional life as they have been vital to teaching me the skills I needed for my roles, to understand the complex and the simple and to foster dynamic and cohesive working relationships with my colleagues. Additionally, they have been a good source of support and I can still go back and chat to them about getting into the education role within nursing, with a view to becoming a nurse lecturer.

Overall, a Leeds degree has contributed to my career as it has allowed me to learn in a leading university, which has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally, whilst having the opportunity to learn my nursing skills in the reputable Leeds Teaching Hospitals. The experience I had as a student was incredible and this has allowed me to be exposed to as many specialities which may not have been possible in other Trusts.