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Lily Best

I’m a 24 year old student midwife currently in my second year at Leeds University. I’ve wanted to be a midwife since I knew it was a career, I was interested in other career options but always felt midwifery was what I needed to do. From the moment I started the course I knew I had made the right choice for me, I feel incredibly privileged to be supporting women and their families in such a poignant time in their lives.

Having already studied at Leeds University for a degree in biology I had already fallen in love with the university and city. It felt like home to me so quickly, I love the atmosphere around campus and how vibrant the city is. There really is something for everyone here! My advice would be to try to not stress too much throughout the application process, enjoy it! I’d also suggest doing your research to ensure you’re making the right choice for you and ask as many questions as you can. Try to get in touch with students currently at Leeds to get an insight into what life at Leeds University is like.

The most rewarding part of placement for me has definitely been receiving such positive feedback from the women and families I have been involved in caring for. It’s such a special time of transition for them and being told that you have made a positive impact on their experience is incredible hear and makes me feel extremely privileged.

In my first year I spent most of the year on placement in community which involved working alongside my mentor to run antenatal and postnatal clinics from GPs and health centres as well as visiting women at home after they have come home from hospital to check the mother and baby over as well as offering feeding support. So far in second year I have completed my first placements on delivery suite as well as the postnatal ward. I have begun conducting births myself under the supervision of my mentor, which has been really exciting. I think students need to be motivated, enthusiastic and good at time management. It can be tricky to juggle placement with university work so it’s crucial to be organised with your time to ensure you still have time to socialise and do the things you enjoy.

After I graduate I hope to get a job as a midwife at LTHT and complete my preceptorship programme there. Alongside my work as a midwife I would like to do extra training in courses such as hypnobirthing and aromatherapy. I feel this course has provided me with a good insight into the various roles available when I finish my degree. It has given me the confidence to apply for jobs in different trusts as the training at Leeds is to such a high standard. The SoH trains all of it’s students to an incredibly high standard. As Leeds is home to two large teaching hospitals, students have experience in a wide range of specialist and complex care as well as how to work effectively in a large, multidisciplinary team.