Isobel Atkinson

Isobel Atkinson

Why become a nurse?

I choose BSc Adult Nursing because I have always known that I want a career that involves working with people and one where I can make a difference to people's lives on a day-to-day basis, and through nursing I am able to fulfil this. I want to be able to listen to, and advocate for, the rights of a patient and their family unit through my role as a nurse. I love working with people and find it very fulfilling seeing the progression made because of my input. 

Throughout my time studying nursing at the University of Leeds, I have been provided with many exciting placements in many different areas of nursing from medicine to surgical to critical care.  

What placements have made an impact?

I especially enjoyed my placement on the Regional Specialist Liver Unit where I was able to care for patients pre and post-liver transplant at such a crucial, life-changing time for these patients and it was fulfilling to be a part of their journey. 

I was even lucky enough to observe a liver transplant in theatre. As part of my critical care rotation, I spent time in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at the LGI where I cared for patients post-cardiac arrest and even got to chance to witness open-heart surgery.  

How has your degree developed your skills?

This degree has helped me in many ways, more than just academically. The nature of this course has instilled dedication, commitment, and resilience in me, particularly through the challenging times of this pandemic and clinical practice. The support in which the University of Leeds, and School of Healthcare have to offer really encourages us as student nurses. Through these varied placements, I have learned life skills such as organisation and perseverance through learning to manage 12-hour shifts, including night shifts, alongside day-to-day life! Being from the Channel Islands means I am at least a flight away from home and has really taught me independence; the University has been understanding and supportive of this - each student is provided with a university personal tutor/mentor for their time on this degree.