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Grace Daniels

I’ve had quite a lot of experience myself with mental health, just seeing the job that they did made me realise it was something I felt I could do, and it was something I wanted to do, which is why I chose this course in mental health nursing at the University of Leeds.

At the end of the day you’re dealing with peoples lives, and you want to be an advocate for people who are using the services and you want to be doing the right thing, I think that’s why people go into mental health nursing.

You learn so much about evidence-based practice from really excellent lecturers. Mental health nursing is inspiring, it’s not like a regular degree, you’re expended to be on it, constantly learning all the time. Clinical placements are one of the highlights for me because you can actually see the things you’re doing helping other people.

The biggest challenging is having the confidence to do it, and the biggest reward is changing seeing someone’s life and remembering that for years to come.