Santi Sulandari

Santi Sulandari

I am exploring how older adults in Javanese, Indonesia and the UK perceive the process of ageing well?; What are the antecedents of older people’s well-being?; What are the similarities and differences between cultures?

I love to conduct research which will bring both theoretical and practical benefits for the community, especially for older people: proposing a better model/strategy to enhance the older Indonesian well-being.

So far, I have not found any challenging issues during my Ph.D. But, because I just arrived, time management is the key to making everything smoother and, of course, I need to do a lot of reading during my first few months of study.

The University of Leeds is a lovely place to study. I am grateful to have supervisors who are very understanding, helpful, and nice. I also found much support from the University from its staff which make it easier for me to adapt. Moreover, about Leeds City, it is a great environment to live in. It is lovely, safe, and we can find what we need here. And one more thing, when I arrived it was autumn and it is cold here but it is nice I dealt with that already.

My study is funded by The Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia.


Dr Rachel Coats and Dr Judith Johnson – School of Psychology.