Ziyingh liu

Ziyingh Liu

Two years before, I heard about the University of Leeds from one of my favourite bloggers and desired to experience such life in Leeds as well. Therefore, owing that my bachelor’s degree was in Psychology, I applied Psychological Approaches to Health as my Master of Science course at the University of Leeds. After about seven months of learning and living in Leeds, I found it really interesting and worthwhile.

From this MSc course, I could learn many useful theories and interventions to change people’s behaviours or improve people’s well-being. Additionally, all the modules provide many opportunities for us to practice our learning skills, writing skills as well as group skills. These capacities give me some ideas and help with my future career development.

I also received many kinds of support from the staff in the School of Psychology. Actually, English is not my first language, so the language barrier is the most difficult for me to overcome. However, my Personal Tutor and the other students all give me a lot of encouragement and helpful suggestions, which improved my confidence a lot in studying there. 

Finally, I highly recommend Psychology at Leeds as the first choice for any other international students who want to deeply explore psychology and experience a friendly study life in the UK.