Virginia gerazouni BSc Psychology alumnus case study 2018

Virginia Gerazouni

I highly recommend Leeds University to anyone considering studying there as it was a unique experience, giving us valuable tools for our careers. Studying at the University of Leeds has been one the most valuable experiences I had. I benefited in so many ways and in so many areas. First of all I acquired knowledge in my field of study from some of the best scientists in Psychology.

Coming from Greece I had the opportunity to experience the British culture and I learned to be organized and efficient. I also had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world coming to study in Leeds University which was also a mind opening experience. When I finished my Bachelor Degree and my Masters in Health Psychology at the University of Leeds it was easy for me to do my placement and training as my degrees were highly valued back in Greece. I trained in CBT therapy and Family therapy and I am currently running my private practice as a psychotherapist.

Last year I was offered a place at the University of the Aegean to continue my studies as a part time PhD student. Again my professors from the University of Leeds supported me greatly in my new efforts. All of my professors were very helpful and approachable and working with them helped me develop a better understating of the field and helped me learn how to conduct and write academic research of high quality.