Talal musa BSc Psychology alumnus cast study 2018

Talal Musa

Think of a passport into the understanding of how human beings work, and then think of a passport into any career you choose to name. Psychology at the University of Leeds is the Joker you can play against the tough hand dealt to graduates in the current economic climate. Teaching you to analyse data, write concisely and work independently are all vital skills, and coupled with cutting-edge facilities and world-class teaching, you'll leave feeling confident you can tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

After my time at Leeds, I decided to go into journalism. My degree helped me no end, and my First Class honours meant that I was able to start work at the News of the World. I spent two years there before moving to the Daily Mail on their graduate trainee scheme - one of the most competitive in the country - my University of Leeds Psychology degree again helping me stand out from the crowd. The course gave me confidence in my own abilities. What seems like an impossible task in year one, becomes routine by the end of your time there. It's a challenge, and you will have to push yourself to get the grade you want. But everything is there for you to achieve this, and everyone from the lecturers to the friendly student education support team staff, will help you no end.

Psychology at Leeds is hugely enjoyable and has given me the perfect springboard to leap into the unpredictable world of work with clarity, drive and confidence.