Sula windgassen BSc Psychology alumnus case study 2018

Sula Windgassen

Before my final year of university I was able to secure a marketing assistant role at a local small business, due to my participation as social and publicity secretary on the Psychology Society. By the time I graduated the business offered to take me on full time as marketing manager, an achievement that would not have been at all possible if it wasn't for my extra-curricular activity with LUU PsycSoc.

I had not initially intended to work in marketing, my passion being the application of psychology in more clinical and health populations, but due to the competitive nature of further study and job opportunity in this area I was able to build a further skill set in marketing whilst earning. This allowed me to fund further study the following year, embarking on a Masters in Health Psychology at King's College London.

Since then I have been able to obtain freelance marketing work to support myself during my studies, whilst looking to complete a PhD. So far I have found that the extra dimension of my marketing abilities has been attractive to prospective universities and funding bodies when competing for PhD places.

King's College London is a very prestigious university in which to study health psychology in particular and I owe a great deal to the faculty at the University of Leeds, School of Psychology, who provided an extremely stimulating educational experience in health psychology during my third year. Without them, I would not be where I am today and therefore I would not have the advantaged position that I now possess when I come to apply for PhDs in my area of interest.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leeds University, being some of the best years of my life. I couldn't recommend more getting involved in the huge range of extra curriculum activities that the University and Psychology Department have to offer.