Shalini rughuni Psychology Student case study 2018

Shalini Rughani

The professors at the University of Leeds have exceeded my expectations, always engaged with the material and willing to help those in need. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to take new subjects that would not have been offered at my home university. As I write this, I am in my last few weeks at the University of Leeds and I can hardly believe it. Although 6 months seems like a long time, it goes by in a blur. I have had the opportunity to not only explore the Yorkshire countryside but London and other parts of Europe as well. Travelling around Europe has been one of the most amazing experience of my time abroad, and it is easily accessible and affordable. All in all, I recommend the University of Leeds to anyone who wishes to have a diverse exchange experience. From the friendly people, to the beautiful campus, to Leed’s connections to the rest of the UK and Europe, you really can’t go wrong.

Being able to go on an exchange is a journey no one can fully explain to you, it is something to experience - a once in a lifetime opportunity. At first, arriving in Leeds was a little overwhelming and I felt completely lost. However, I met some amazing people who were kind enough to show me the basics, like where to get groceries, and from there I was comfortable to discover and explore on my own. Since those first days, I have made incredible friends, found my favourite places - within campus and around Leeds - as well as discovered new courses.