Psychology student profile

Serena Guillemard

Why did you choose the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds?
When I first visited Leeds on an open day, I was really impressed with the School of Psychology; it seemed like a supportive environment with engaging course materials and I was really interested in the clinical topics in particular. 

Why did you choose your course? Why is it important for you to be studying it?
I chose to study Psychology as I would like to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I was always interested in how the mind works and was keen to further my understanding and to apply my knowledge to myself and others.

What were you doing before you started studying here?
Before I came to Leeds, I was studying at a different university but found it wasn’t for me. I came to Leeds, hoping to have a better experience and it was the best decision I’ve made - both socially and academically!

What has been the highlight of the programme/course?
My highlight of the course was doing my placement year where I worked in a psychological therapies services. This was a great experience which will really help me towards a future career in psychology. I learnt a lot and developed some essential skills both personally and professionally as well as making some valuable connections.

Did any particular modules or projects impress you?
I was particularly impressed by the third year Applied Psychology module. This module involved problem-based learning - something which I haven’t had the opportunity to do before this year. We learnt how to apply behaviour change techniques to real-life scenarios which I found extremely interesting and I learnt skills which I will be able to apply to the real-world.

What support have the tutors and other staff given you?
I have had excellent support from my tutors throughout my time at the University. In particular, my placement tutor was extremely helpful whilst on placement and advised me on any issues that arose. My dissertation tutor has also been highly understanding and instructive, supporting me throughout my dissertation so that I never feel on my own with it.

How do you plan to use what you have learned here?  How will doing the course benefit you/the organisation you work in?
I plan to use what I have learnt here to further a career in psychology. I have learnt valuable skills and gained great experience that will stick with me into the future in whatever path I take. 

What do you plan to do after graduation?    
After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I would like to eventually achieve the doctorate in clinical psychology.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study here?
My advice to someone thinking of coming to study here would be to do it! It’s a great university with an amazing student life, engaging teachers and interesting classes. I will be so sad to leave when I do as I have made life-lasting friends and memories here and couldn’t recommend Leeds enough.

What do you think of the city of Leeds/Yorkshire?
I love Leeds! It has a vibrant social scene and great night life. The university campus is in a great location as it is very near to town where there are lots of shops, bars, clubs and restaurants to frequent. I particularly like the music scene in Leeds and there is always a great event to go to at the weekends.