Phillip Unsworth, Alumni, School of Psychology

Phillip Unsworth

I am currently a semi/fully retired Business Psychologist based in Greenwich, London.

I did not go directly into this type of occupation until 1988 when I was 42 years old. I have had a host of other careers beforehand, starting as a primary school teacher, then a management consultant for AIC which was part of Inbucon (now PE Inbucon) which specialised in Industrial Relations work, mainly job evaluation, then in HR for BOC in a variety of locations. I then decided to train as an Electronics Technician in order to keep me on regular hours close to home. Then joined Selby MillSmith as a Business Psychologist where we pioneered the use of computer aided Psychometrics for assessment and development.

My degree from the School of Psychology has benefited me in the workplace as I would not have got the work as a management consultant, or working for BOC and working for SelbyMillSmith.