Oliver hoenich BSc psychology alumnus cast study 2018

Oliver Hoenich

Following graduation I decided to take a year out to travel through North, Central and South America. I have always had a huge interest in business and after focusing my dissertation on Business Psychology I decided that business and finance was the route for me.

Due to the high level of competition in finance roles I spent the next 18 months working as a trainee accountant in London. During this time I sat all professional ICAEW accountancy exams enabling me to gain experience and certification in accountancy and finance. After 18 months I secured a role at a leading Global Investment bank and for the last 3 years I have had the opportunity to work with international companies advising on corporate finance, strategy and mergers and acquisitions. I currently specialise in Global Healthcare Companies which allows me to further develop my understanding of many of the biological and medical concepts studied in Psychology.

My time at Leeds provided me with a first class grounding in both life and study and I would highly recommend the course.