Olga Tsigka BSc Psychology international student case study 2018

Olga Tsigka

The School of Psychology at the University of Leeds seemed to be equipped with nice and capable professors, have a great and wide variety of courses that expand all over the wide spectrum of ‘Psychology’ and give out a lot of opportunities to broaden your horizons, develop your skills and therefore your employability as well.

Psychology always interested me, as I have always been curious about people’s behaviour, the reason behind their mental processes and how my knowledge of it can benefit people in need. Mostly though, my real passion lies in Criminal Psychology, which I am planning to do as a Masters Degree, that has to do with understanding the behaviour, intentions, thoughts and actions of criminals, as well as the criminal act itself.

The highlight of the course for me, so far, except the fascinating material that is being covered in the lectures, is the amount of personalised help, in your area of study, that is being given through seminars, the personal tutor and generally the School of Psychology and its’ staff.

They helped me with queries about the lectures, my course and studies in general, guided me through the different opportunities of volunteering and how to enhance my employability and informed me about the ‘Year Abroad’ scheme that I was already interested in.

The city of Leeds is a lovely and picturesque city. It is just the right amount of vibrant and also calm in some places at the same time. It has many events and things happening all year long and is overall a very exciting city with a lot of places to explore and have a great time in.