Marc Guitart, Alumni, School of Psychology

Marc Guitart

I was an Erasmus student at the Psychology department during the course 94/95, coming from Spain.

After several years working as a clinical psychologist in Spain I moved to Brussels, Belgium. I am currently a Clinical Project Manager at UCB, Belgium biopharma, managing international clinical trials for the new compounds in development in epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

I started in the pharma industry because the PRO (patient-reported outcomes, such as Quality of Life questionnaires), more psychologically driven (vs the biological outcomes), are getting more and more relevant in the value dossier of the new drugs in development, for their marketing authorization.

My degree helped me in the first steps and the start of the clinical practice, then you build your career based on the previous steps.

I would recommend to enjoy what you are doing and to do what you enjoy. You can never know what will be useful in your future. I made friends in Leeds (in the hall of residence and in several societies) which I keep 25 years afterward, I learned a lot, I enjoyed being able to play in the music department, reading marvellous literature in your great library, improving my English while making friends, visiting nice places in the UK, discovering scuba-diving, caving, dancing… Work in a responsible manner, learn, enjoy, love… this is life, isn’t it? And Leeds is a nice place to live this exciting part of one’s life in your 20’s which are the University studies.