Lucy Fergusson, Alumni, School of Psychology

Lucy Fergusson

Completing my undergraduate degree at Leeds opened doors for me to go on and do a Masters in Clinical Psychology at Warwick University. I went on to work as an Assistant Psychologist (AP) in a Personality Disorder community service for two years. Having gained valuable clinical skills I then moved to research and I now work on an RCT called EMPOWER; Enabling and Motivating People (with a Personality Disorder) in Occupation, Education, and Responsibility. 

A degree from the School of Psychology has benefited me in the workplace as my undergraduate degree from the School of Psychology laid the foundations for everything I have done since. 

If I could the advice I would give to myself now whilst studying would be – This is the start of a very long journey so enjoy every part of studying Psychology at Leeds: the School of Psychology, the Student Union, the city, the sports, and the University culture.