Psychology alumnus case study Kitty Lok 2018

Kitty Lok

Getting the opportunity to study abroad and particularly, to study Psychology at Leeds was by far one of my most precious experiences. University of Leeds is a university with diversity. I had the chance to know people of different nationalities and with different experiences. While in psychology, not only had I receive support from lecturers and tutors, I also had the privilege of getting to know a wide range of studies in the field of psychology.

I grew both personally and in terms of knowledge. I did not want to leave by the end of it! I definitely would recommend the program to others. Those times in Leeds undoubtedly strengthened my determination in pursuing a career in psychology-related fields. I continued my postgraduate degree studying Health Psychology and I am now working at a mental health organisation mainly doing research analysis and promoting the importance of mental wellness

These studies included both international, national and local research projects and ongoing intervention programs, which might not be as emphasised back in my hometown. For instance, Born in Bradford was one of those memorable ones. Born in Bradford was a large birth cohort study that tracked lives of children, as Bradford had some of the highest prevalence of childhood illnesses in the UK.

With the involvement of our professors in this study, we, as students, were able to participate in such a large study. From there, we also had the chance of understanding the complexity of the situation. Aside from the biological and environmental factors, we also learnt to look at the bigger picture of how cultural practice and historical reasons contributed to such a phenomenon. Looking back, spending my undergraduate years in Leeds certainly provided me with a solid foundation.