Kathryn Mills, Alumni, School of Psychology

Kathryn Mills

After graduation, I began working in primary schools as a 1:1 special needs teaching assistant. I worked with a child who encompassed a wealth of severe cognitive and emotional difficulties including motor difficulties and speech delay. I then moved to schools and worked 1:1 with a child with Autism for 3 years. Using my knowledge of SEN, experiences in schools I began my teacher training and completed a PGCE through schools directly with the University of Cumbria based in Warrington.

My degree helped me to gain my job after graduation, the study of cognitive difficulties gave me strong theoretical knowledge I could then transfer and apply. My degree helped for the theory side of my PGCE and I have been able to transfer skills such as report writing.

I have drawn upon knowledge of child psychology greatly throughout my career so far, in particular, studies into attachment, memory, and dyslexia.

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