Isabela Martins Nogueira BSc Psychology international student case study 2018

Isabela Martins Nogueira

As an exchange student, I have already been studying psychology in my home university and coming to Leeds for a year would be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and my perspective.

I have always found human interactions and the way our minds work fascinating. In my opinion, there is nothing more interesting and important than knowing ourselves and how we make sense of the world.

I am currently on my third week of classes, so I am yet to find out what the best parts of this course will be, but I love the classes so far. Overall I am very happy with all the modules I am taking, but Memory and Language is my favourite so far. The university offers all kinds of support. Everyone seems to be friendly and always available to help with any issues we may have.

I plan to work as a therapist, therefore everything I am learning is essential for my development as a professional, but, as well as enriching my academic knowledge, studying psychology allows me to know myself even more, so it also benefits me as person.

Coming to study here it is definitely a unique and a life-changing experience since this is one of the best universities I know of and I absolutely love it. Leeds is such a diverse and multicultural city, it is young and vibrant, and I feel very welcome.