Jasmine Lobo dental student case study

Jasmine Lobo

During my intercalation year I was given the chance to carry out my own research. My project was on the immunology for oral cancer and I looked at how the body’s natural immune system can be an indicator for early signs of disease. I was able to present this research at a dentistry conference in London. I am now continuing this research for my final year Masters Research project. I am focusing on the immune changes in the saliva of people with oral cancer to see if a test can be created to detect oral cancer in the early stages.

I wanted to take the intercalation opportunity to explore a subject which I am passionate about. I chose to do a BSc in Microbiology as I really enjoyed the topic at A-level and love doing lab work. Intercalating was an unforgettable experience, for some modules I was learning basic lab skills and for others I was studying advanced microbiology alongside final year students. The course has opened my eyes to the possibilities of dentistry and has been invaluable to my career. I am currently in the process of applying for microbiology-related research in paediatric dentistry. Paediatrics is a dental specialty that I am now considering as a future career.