Imaan Khalid  Dental Surgery MChD/BChD, Oral Science BSc student case study

Imaan Khalid

I always knew that I wanted to study something in the medicine and health field. After gaining work experience in many fields, I found Dentistry the most enjoyable and interesting.  Therefore, I decided that it was what I wanted to pursue a career in. Studying dentistry is important to me as it allows me to build rapport with patients and build a bond with them and help them improve their oral health. I am also fond of research and there is always new research to do be undertaken in dentistry and so helps me fulfil this passion of mine.

I believe that Leeds has the latest technology and state of the art facilities, which made choosing Leeds an easy choice. With use of things such as the MOOGs to increase confidence before attending clinics.

My proudest moment is being shortlisted as a finalist as Dental Student of the Year in my dental school and Finalist of Dental Student of the year at the Future of Dentistry Awards. It is an honour that my passion and enthusiasm towards is being recognised.

All tutors are very supportive and always willing to help. They are always wanting us to do our best and take time to help us. Your personal tutor becomes like a personal mentor to you, as you have tutor meetings throughout the year, but can also go to them whenever you want/need.  Denstudy is also a great support system that University of Leeds Dental School offer. Helping you with many things including improving your academic writing and building on other skills.

My dental degree will be my foundation to whatever I want to do in the future. It will set me up for life whether I choose to do General Dental practice or go on to specialise. After graduating I hoping to carry out my vocational training year and would love to travel more of the world. After that I’m not too sure what my plan is. Until I get out in to the world of work and experience life as a qualified dentist, I can’t be certain. 

I would highly recommend any student who is wanting to do dentistry to come to Leeds. The network and the support of staff and your colleagues is amazing. There is a real sense of togetherness and everyone is willing to help. The facilities and teaching are second to none.

Leeds and Yorkshire are beautiful and very scenic. Leeds as a city can accommodate all your needs and is small enough that everything is in walking distance. I am a massive foodie and there are loads of places to eat of many different cuisines. The people in the area are very friendly whether it be other students or neighbours. The city itself is very welcoming and multicultural.