Cristian Pereira Dental Surgery MChD/BChD, Oral Science BSc student case study 2018

Cristian Pereira

I was very passionate about healthcare from a very young age. I likened myself to Dentistry the most because I love being able to have a longstanding relationship with my patients. Making the smallest changes to a persons’ oral health to make larger impacts is what really got me interested

The Oral Disease, Defence and Repair module was really enjoyable as it teaches us about the importance of the gums and how they heal and handle disease, something that is often overlooked.

The clinical tutors are always available to help us with doubts on the clinic and even see us off clinic in the department if we have further doubts about our cases. Our lecturers are also very supportive, always just an email away and more than happy to answer questions after a lecture.

At the moment studying dentistry almost guarantees you a job as soon as you graduate. All the skills we learn on this course are highly relevant to the job in the real world.

Leeds is very compact and vibrant, everything you could possibly want and need is a stone’s throw away and you wouldn’t have to worry about throwing your wallet away as well.