Clarence Ng Dental Surgery MChD/BChD, Oral Science BSc case study 2018

Clarence Ng

To be frank, no one can predict which dental school will give you an offer in UCAS. However, Leeds was one of my first choices because of its reputation and the dentistry programme itself. Graduating here gets both a Bachelor and Master of Dental Surgery degree, which sounds really cool and is unique within the UK. Looking back, this is one of the best decisions I have made.

Why did you choose this course? Just like love - not everything can be explained. My parents and my grandpa were dentists. However, they did not brainwash me. I grew up in dental clinics, I like art and craft and I care about people. Somehow, I felt like I was born to be a dentist under their influence. Of course, other factors like the careers working nature, job prospects, respect from patients all also influenced me and further consolidated my choice.

I am a mature student and I first studied at the University of Hong Kong. I was about to give up doing dentistry and start looking for jobs in other industries before I got my dentistry offer. The offer was a game changer.  

 We started clinical practice at the end of first year by giving injections to each other. That helped us to build up our confidence to work in clinic. As a dental student, I think lecture-based, instead of problem-based, learning is essential for junior dentistry. I really enjoyed the clinical skills modules. Basically, these are the practical modules that make you feel like you are a dentist. The technical part of these modules can be quite challenging and satisfying.

Tutors and staffs are all very approachable, helpful and supportive. The study support team in the dental school often provide practical tips and support for students before exams. The senior clinical staff even supported me in my preparation for overseas exams.

Apparently, all the clinical experience gained here are vitally important for our career. All the clinical tutors are very professional and knowledgeable. Some are even those of the top clinicians from around the globe. I am proud of being a Leeds dental student and am grateful that I have received the top quality dental education here. I wish to carry their inspiration to Hong Kong, or wherever I work in the future.

In the long term, I wish to practice dentistry in my home country – Hong Kong. However, in the short term, I wish to gain some overseas experience through working in the NHS.

Leeds is a wonderful city to study in. Everything - clubs, pubs, shops, food, sports centres, and libraries, are within walking distance. School staffs are very helpful and supportive. Numerous choices of accommodation around and within the uni.  There are a lot of ‘instagram-places’ in Yorkshire, like the Ribblehead Viaduct, Bolton Abbey, Whitby, or even within Leeds. To be honest, I have not been to all places yet and am looking forward to continuing to explore Yorkshire.