Digital manufacturing of complete dentures

Project description

Project Summary

The method by which dentures are constructed has remained largely unchanged for many decades. It is known that inaccuracies occur during manufacture, leading to a reduction in the quality of ‘fit', which can impact on comfort, retention and function for the denture wearer.

This project would investigate the application of modern 3D printing techniques, to manufacture part, or all, of the denture. The potential benefit would be improved accuracy of manufacture leading to better comfort and function for the denture wearer. The cost should also be minimal and processing times could be reduced.

Aims and Objectives

1. Review the current state of the art and determine the most appropriate potential 3D printing method (i.e. print whole denture or a hybrid technique)
2. Identification, or development, of a suitable biocompatible 3D printing material, having good mechanical and aesthetic properties
3. Robust assessment of the material; Mechanical, Biocompatibility; Aesthetics; Accuracy
4. Development of a suitable design/scan and print protocol for cost effective manufacture whilst maximizing the control the dentist and patient have over the form and appearance of the denture

This project would be suitable for a candidate with an Engineering or Material Science background, who is also IT-literate and comfortable with, (or willing to learn) 3D CAD techniques and 3D printing.

Entry requirements

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