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Past projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Mainstreaming Global Mental Health 1 June 2019 30 November 2021
Understanding Yaoi/Boys’ Love Chinese Fandom 1 October 2016 30 September 2020
How low SES men negotiate and construct health practices 1 October 2012 30 August 2020
Understanding and supporting young adults through the quarter-life crisis 1 October 2014 30 May 2017
Understanding Japanese "Boys' Love" manga from a UK perspective 1 October 2011 30 November 2013
Well on Wheat (WOW) Study
Translation and Application
The neural integration of emotional expressions from different modalities (University of Leeds Laidlaw Scholarship, 2018) 2018 -
The feeling of what (does not) happen: A multimodal neurobehavioural account of somatosensory misperceptions - -
The effect of ingesting or rinsing sucrose and sucralose solutions on self-control and cognitive performance
The Dynamic Assessment of Reading Test (DART) Project 2018 2021
The Big Picture: Preventing youth substance abuse in Assam
The benefits of natural dietary supplements on cognition in ageing
Study to Examine Psychological Processes in Suicidal Ideation and behaviour (STEPPS) - -
SATIN (SATiety INnovation) - -
Reducing adolescent smoking initiation Economic and Social and Humanities Research Council (ESRC) - -
RCT to compare the bioavailability, acceptability and tolerability and effects on gut microbiota and cognitive function of omega-3 fatty acids in a drink with an equivalent dose of omega-3 fatty acids in capsule form
Pharmaceutical Project - -
NoHoW - -
Neurodegeneration in the brain
Neural correlates of Developmental Coordination Disorder - -
MindMate 2U – acceptability and feasibility study of a digital resource for young people October 2017 March 2019
Marie Curie Industry Academic Partnerships and Pathways
Intervention study of the effects of phospholipid enriched milk compared with non-enriched milk on cognitive performance and subjective state in 6 - 8 year old UK school children
Inducing plasticity in the ageing brain
Increasing Physical Activity: Designing and Testing a Workplace Intervention - -
Healthcare workforce wellbeing, burnout and patient care delivery
Full4Health (Understanding food-gut-brain mechanisms across the lifespan in the regulation of hunger and satiety for health) - -
EU FP7 Collaborative Project
DIVERSE (Drivers of eating behaviour during chronic overconsumption) - -
DAPHNE (data-as-a-service platform for healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine) - -
Constructing Facial Composites: Increasing the Forensic Relevance of Laboratory Research (ESRC) - -
Cognitive functions and interhemispheric transfer in Alzheimer's - -
Clinical trial of a food for special medical purposes (FSMP, confidential) in phenylketonuria
Breaking the ‘itch-scratch cycle’ - -
Born in Bradford New Wave 2016 2021
Assessing functional ability in older adults
Assessing functional ability in older adults 2018 2019
An electrophysiological investigation of interhemispheric communication in Alzheimer’s Disease.
ALOHA (Effects of almonds on human appetite) - -
Ageing and working memory:
Acute effect of minerals and botanicals (confidential) in combination or isolation on cognitive performance, neural activity, and response to stress
Acute and chronic effects of 100% Florida Orange Juice consumption on cognitive performance and gut microbiota in 7 - 9 year old UK schoolchildren
A multi-method approach to understanding pain sensitivity pre- and post- non-pharmacological interventions that target alpha wave brain activity - -