Discovery and Translational Science Department

What we do

DTSD performs high-calibre basic and translational studies. Our research endeavours are delivered through the integration of our internationally recognised expertise in ion channels, endothelial biology, thrombosis, inflammation and developmental biology.

We are supported by research councils, the National Institute for Health Research and major research charities including multiple Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards, the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation Programme Awards, Chairs and Intermediate Fellowships. Our research aims to strengthen interactions between molecular and structural biology, chemistry and physics to solve medical problems in order to deliver new diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities that will change patients' lives.

Our research-intensive environment allows the DTSD to deliver the highest quality teaching in cardiometabolic science for undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. We provide a varied research programme for our students, including a BHF Doctoral Training Programme and an International PhD Academy, to create a thriving training environment for the development of the next generation of scientists.

By delivering ground-breaking, innovative and transformational teaching and research, we aim to shift paradigms in our understanding of diabetic cardiometabolic and vascular disease.

Who we are


Department Head
Professor Robert Ariëns


Professor Robert Ariëns - Professor of Vascular Biology & Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator

Professor David Beech - Professor of Cardiovascular Science & Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator

Professor Mark Kearney - BHF Professor of Cardiovascular & Diabetes Research

Professor Ann Morgan – Professor of Rheumatology

Professor Khalid Naseem – Professor of Cardiovascular Biology 

Professor Helen Philippou - Professor of Translational Vascular Medicine

Professor Helen Picton - Professor of Reproduction & Early Development

Dr Mark Drinkhill - Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Studies

Dr David Miller - Reader in Reproduction & Early Development

Dr Richard Pease - Principal Research Fellow

Dr Sikha Saha - Associate Professor of Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Medicine

Dr Neil Turner - Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr Stephen Wheatcroft - Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology

Dr Marc Bailey - Hon NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery, UAF & BHF Intermediate Fellow

Dr Robin Bon - Lecturer in Cardiovascular Chemistry

Dr Richard Cubbon - Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology, UAF & BHF Intermediate Fellow

Dr Karen Forbes - Lecturer in Molecular Genetics & MRC New Investigator

Dr Niamh Forde - University Academic Fellow

Dr John Huntriss - Lecturer in Reproduction & Early Development

Dr Azhar Maqbool - Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr Lynn McKeown - University Academic Fellow

Dr Paul Meakin - BHF Intermediate Fellow and University Academic Fellow

Dr Lee Roberts - Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow & University Academic Fellow

Dr Jian Shi - BHF Intermediate Fellow & University Academic Fellow

Dr Kerrie Smith - University Academic Fellow

Dr Piruthivi Sukumar - University Academic Fellow

Dr Nadira Yuldasheva - Senior Scientific Officer

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