Dr Julia Sandrin Gauer

Dr Julia Sandrin Gauer


I am originally from Brazil and lived in Germany from the age of 12 years old before moving to the UK for my undergratuate studies in Molecular Medicine at the University of Sussex in 2009. In 2013, I completed an MSc in Preventive Cardiology at Imperial College London before moving to Leeds to start a 4-year European Research Council (ERC) funded PhD project on modulation of sugar transport by facilitative glucose transporters (GLUTs) using polyphenols, investigating the possible benefit of these effects for diabetic patients.

In 2017, I joined Prof Robert Ariëns’ research group on a Wellcome Trust funded project to characterize the binding of fibrinogen and fibrin to platelet receptor GPVI at a molecular level and to establish inhibitors to block this interaction.


  • DTSD Operational Team Postdoctoral Representative

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in the development of thrombosis and how to prevent thrombosis from occuring without increasing patients’ risk of bleeding. 

Thrombosis is a common feature of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) such as stroke and heart disease. In 2010, 1 in 4 deaths were attributed to thromboembolic disorders around the world, making it the current number one cause of death worldwide. There are several medications used in the treatment and prevention of thrombosis, however, all current anti-thrombotic medications are associated with a risk of bleeding.

We have identified that platelet receptor GPVI, involved in the first stages of wound healing, interacts with a major blood clot component fibrin. Our current research aims to determine how we can inhibit this interaction and to measure the impacts this will have on potential patient thrombosis/bleeding risk.


  • BSc Molecular Medicine
  • MSc Preventive Cardiology
  • PhD in Food Biochemistry

Professional memberships

  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the ISTH (International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis)
  • Member of the BSHT (British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis)
  • Member of the BSCR (British Society for Cardiovascular Research).

Student education

I am involved in teaching of Introduction to Medical Sciences (IMS) and Research Evaluation and Special Studies (RESS) modules. I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Research groups and institutes

  • Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine
  • Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre
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