Professor Mark Kearney

Professor Mark Kearney


Mark Kearney is British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research and clinical cardiologist with an interest in the natural history and new treatments for patients with heart failure. His research group includes members with a wide range of skills addressing the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Within ten years over 500million people will suffer from type 2 diabetes which we now know is a disease of the large and small blood vessels.

Mark Kearney’s team are working on the link between changes in insulin and IGF-1 signalling in the blood vessel wall and diabetes with the aim of designing new ways of treating the devastating cardiovascular complications of type 2 diabetes. Mark is currently on the research committee of Diabetes UK having served on the project and fellowship committees of the British Heart Foundation. Mark is passionate about training tomorrows leaders in cardiovascular research.

Research interests

Our laboratory is exploring the mechanistic link between endothelial function and insulin resistance.

Current Grants

British Heart Foundation Programme Grant (RG/09/010/2807) £830,856 over 5 years commencing September 2010. Endothelial cell insulin resistance, nitric oxide bioavailability and atherosclerosis. MT Kearney, SB Wheatcroft, DJ Beech, R Sivaprasadarao.

Recent Projects

Project grants and fellowships

British Heart Foundation project grant (PG/06/07/23060). 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitors endothelial and endothelial progenitor cell function in Asian men. £162300 over 3 years commencing January 2009. MT Kearney, PJ Grant, SB Wheatcroft.

British Heart Foundation (IRF FS/07/046). Intermediate Research Fellowship for Dr SB Wheatcroft. Exploring the effects of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 on endothelial nitric oxide production, endothelial dysfunction and the development of atherosclerosis. £582,422 over 4 years commencing December 2007. MT Kearney & PJ Grant.

British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/08/060/25340) Can a moderate intensity exercise programme improve endothelial function in post-menopausal women with type 2 diabetes? £136,262 over 3 years commencing January 2009. KM Birch, MT Kearney, R Cubbon (clinical study of effect of exercise on endothelial function in postmenopausal women no overlap with present proposal).

British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/09/042/27518). £ 208,209 over 3 years commencing May 2010. The Insulin like growth factor-1 receptor, insulin sensitivity and nitric oxide bioavailability. MT Kearney, DJ Beech, SB Wheatcroft, KM Channon. (Study phenotyping endothelium specific IGF-1R overexpressing mice no overlap with present proposal).

British Heart Foundation PhD Studentship for Dr V Kate Gatenby (FS/10/028/28252). £196804 over 3 years commencing September 2010. Manipulating insulin-like growth factor: insulin receptor stoichiometry to restore endothelial function in an in-vivo model of whole body insulin resistance. MT Kearney & SB Wheatcroft. (Study examining effect of whole body deletion of IGF-1R on endothelial function in IR deficient mice no overlap with present proposal).

Medical Research Council. £485000 (G0901203). Feb 2010-2013. Targeting NADPH oxidase derived reactive oxygen species to enhance nitric oxide bioavailability in in-vivo models of whole body and endothelial cell specific insulin resistance. MT Kearney, SB Wheatcroft, KM Channon, AM Shah. (Study examining effect of NADPH Oxidase inhibition in IR deficient mice and endothelium specific mutant insulin receptor overexpressing mice no overlap with present proposal).

Other grants

Wellcome Trust Programme Grant. £1.11M, 2008-2013. Integrated functions of TRPC channels in vascular smooth muscle cells. DJ Beech, A Sivaprasadarao, I Wood, J Ainscough, KE Porter & MT Kearney. (Study examining ion channels in VSMC no overlap)

Health Technology Assessment Award. (06/80/01) £950,000. Does home oxygen therapy (HOT) in addition to standard care improve disease severity and symptoms in chronic heart failure? A Clark, I Squire, J Murphy, M.Greenstone, MT Kearney, M Johnson, S Griffin, V Allgar. (Clinical heart failure study no overlap with present proposal)

Diabetes UK Project Grant. £138 000, 2008-2011, Dissecting the roles of global versus vascular wall specific insulin resistance in the development of atherosclerosis, SB Wheatcroft, MT Kearney, C Jackson, PJ Grant. (Project examining the effect of endothelium specific insulin resistance on the development of atherosclerosis no overlap with present proposal)

Heart Research UK Project grant. £72556, 2009-2011. Targeting systemic inflammation to improve endothelial function in obesity. SB Wheatcroft, K Witte, MT Kearney. (Study in humans examining the effect of anti-inflammatory agents on endothelial function in obesity no overlap with present proposal)

NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme. 08/53/36 £3471905 2010-2015 Clopidogrel compared to Aspirin in Chronic HEart failure (CACHE). J Cleland, I Nazareth, MT Kearney, C Rajkumar, A Rigby, P Cowburn, R Hobbs, N Freemantle, T McDonagh, T Taylor, J McMurray, M Flather, I Squire. (Clinical heart failure study no overlap with present proposal).Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research

Research groups and institutes

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