Sophie Norgrove 1

Sophie Norgrove

Being a placement student has given me the opportunity to work across all the different parts of the service; something I am unsure I would have otherwise been able to experience if I had joined LSLCS as a volunteer or in a paid position. I support individuals on Connect helpline, and work in Dial House on an evening; helping in the social areas of the house and working towards offering one-to-one supports myself. I also work with Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service, funded by LSLCS and Leeds Mind, in their monthly group work sessions and the Living with My Loss course. 

I cannot praise LSLCS enough for the extent of support they offer their staff, volunteers and myself as a placement student. I attend monthly supervisions with my Connect senior and Group Work senior, allowing me an open space to bring any professional and personal issues. I also attend monthly Reflective Practice sessions and collective group work supervisions. Throughout my placement I have been involved in regular, extensive training sessions that have allowed me to develop in all areas of my practice, and how to take care of myself as I do so. I feel I can take some of these lessons into my third year of studying so I can succeed with healthy routines during deadlines and exam seasons.

This placement year has allowed me to grow as a person in many aspects relating to my professional practice and personal life. I have developed confidence, resilience, and communication skills that I can take with me into my final year of undergraduate study, personal growth and future career paths. Whilst I went into my year in industry with no sure idea of where I wish to take my studies, I now have peace of mind with some plan of how I wish to progress from the end of my placement to beyond graduation from university. Meeting with my university placement tutor also allowed me to reflect on my year in industry from a career perspective, as well as supporting me in my transition back to studying at university.