Dentistry staff shine at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Partnership Awards

The Faculty of Medicine and Health / Leeds University Union recently announced the winners of their Partnership Awards. The School of Dentistry had a number of award winners and nominees.

The awards celebrate the many achievements of staff and students within the Faculty, and they are always very competitive.

The Dentistry award winners and nominees are: 

Innovation Award
Nominee: Randa Jaradat

Inspirational Teaching Award
Nominee: David Roberts

Feedback Award
Winner: Victoria Yorke

Mentor Award
Nominee: Liz Bridger

Positive Impact Award - Staff 
Winner: Gordon Hutchins
Nominee: Bernadette Drummond
Nominee: Christopher Hird 
Nominee: Josie Meade 
Nominee: Michael Devlin
Nominee: Randa Jaradat
Nominee: Reem El-Gendy
Nominee: Richard Moore
Nominee: David Roberts
Nominee: Samantha Pye
Nominee: Thuy Do
Nominee: Victoria Yorke
Nominee: Jenny Owen
Nominee: Vanaja Krishna Naik

Positive Impact Award - Student
Winner: Shivam Kotecha
Nominee: Gemma Beck

Positive Impact Award - Group
Nominee: Victoria Packman and Laura Richardson

Wellbeing Award 
Nominee: Liz Bridger
Nominee: Josie Meade
Nominee: Robyn Adams

You can find out more about why people won their award by watching the videos here

Dr Alan Mighell, Dean of the School of Dentistry has congratulated our staff and students: “It’s great to see members of the School recognised in the Faculty Partnership Awards as winners and nominees; in such a large Faculty, it is fantastic to see colleagues standing out in this way. It is always positive to see how our community is recognised through our own Awards and those students and staff who have gone the extra mile”. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners and to all those that had well-deserved nominations!