Dr Thuy Do

Dr Thuy Do


Dr Thuy Do 

Primary research theme: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Thuy Do gained a degree in Biochemistry from the Université of Strasbourg, France in 1998. She also holds a BSc (Hons 2ii) in Food Science and Nutrition (1999) and an MSc Analytical Chemistry (2000) from Teesside University, UK and a PhD in Bioprocess Development (2004) from De Montfort University, Leicester.

She held a Postdoctoral Research Associate post at King’s College, London, Department of Microbiology, Dental Institute, Guy’s Hospital, UK from 2004–2012. In 2012 she moved to take a lectureship in Microbiology at the University of Leeds School of Dentistry.

She has experience in planning and conducting research activities, studying oral bacterial diversity and evolution and has engaged in numerous projects which formed part of national and international collaborations. Other important roles have included data handling (statistical analyses, high throughput genome sequence, reads mapping and analyses) as well as writing and publishing results in peer-reviewed journals.\n\nAs a Lecturer in Microbiology, Thuy Do is further developing her research on characterizing the oral microbiome through the use of next generation sequencing technologies. She teaches Microbiology modules to undergraduate dental students and also has supervisory responsibility for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


  • Director of Postgraduate Research Studies
  • Module Lead

Research interests

Thuy Do's research interests include the investigation of the phylogenetic diversity of the oral microbiota and its association with various infectious diseases, as well as the functional biology governing complex interactions within oral biofilms.

Currently, her main focus is the application of high throughput sequencing (HTS) to characterise the oral microbiome, through the use of metagenomics and meta-transcriptomics (RNA-Seq). The aim is to better understand mechanisms of dysbiosis and host-microbiome interactions, with the possibility of enhancing future diagnostic tools. This will be carried out with microbiome profiling and differential gene expression analysis of various biological samples.

Other research activities:


  • PhD
  • MSc
  • BSc
  • Licence es Sciences (French undergraduate degree)

Professional memberships

  • Microbiology Society
  • International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
  • Society for Applied Microbiology
  • British Society for Oral and Dental Research
  • Oral Microbiology and Immunology Group (part of BSODR)
  • European Oral Microbiology Workshops

Student education

Co-module lead for DSUR3210.

I also presently teach on the following modules: DSUR1128, DSUR1230, DSUR2010, DSUR2200 and DSUR5138M.


Research groups and institutes

  • Microbiology and cell biology

Current postgraduate researchers

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