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She makes learning fun and always shares her stories to help us learn from her experiences. She has a really calm tone that destresses the whole and we all get so happy when we know she’s taking our class. She deserves this award!'

"She has helped me to progress academically but more importantly, has helped me to grow as a person."

hospital surgery

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) is delighted to partner with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Surgical MedTech Co-operative (Surgical MIC) to drive new innovations in medical devices, healthcare technologies, and technology dependent interventions that are translatable to the clinical setting to benefit patient care

Pal care old people dying

Research by Leeds academics suggests less chemotherapy is as effective at controlling the disease in frail patients with cancer of the stomach or oesophagus , and leads to fewer symptoms.

PGR and PGT students using VR representing Perception, Action, Cognition research at the School of Psychology

John Pickavance, PhD Researcher in Cognitive Science discusses how VR technologies can be powerful learning aids.

Civic Award Winners 2019

The School of Psychology recently held their annual Civic Awards ceremony to celebrate student achievements from the past academic year.