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The Annual Monty Losowsky Memorial Lecture will take place Thurs 14 Oct, 5-7.30 pm. This year’s event will be on zoom.

Healthcare worker

People living with overweight or obesity are experiencing stigma and discrimination from healthcare workers as well as uniformly worse healthcare than the general population, researchers say.

Child getting her glasses fitted

A project supplying free glasses to pupils with poor eyesight to help improve reading is being expanded to involve thousands more pupils. 

New drug shows promise in slowing growth of bowel cancer

A new drug has shown promise in slowing the regrowth of tumours among some bowel cancer patients, according to new findings from a major trial.

Fund future fertility for childhood cancer patients fairly, say experts

Young people who survive cancer risk missing out on the chance to have children, due to inequalities in fertility preservation services across the UK, new research has found.