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Image representing an academic giving feedback to students at the University of Leeds. Alp 3639 800x400

We wish to recognise NHS clinical teachers and other NHS staff who are due to, or have recently retired and have a reputation for teaching excellence and for supporting our students over many years.

Image of elderly man wearing a white face covering.

Analysis of social media messages between care home staff revealed growing concerns about lack of guidance as the pandemic swept the country.

tetrameric structure of a TRPC5 channel in complex with Pico145

Leeds scientists have discovered how drug-like small molecules can regulate the activity of therapeutically relevant ion channels - and their findings could transform ongoing drug development efforts.

A research project into Mainstreaming Global Mental Health has been awarded funding as part of UKRI’s GCRF Collective Programme.

Lighthouse Laboratory

University staff and students have been recognised for their role in helping to establish the Alderley Park Lighthouse Laboratory in Cheshire, a key part of the Government’s COVID-19 testing strategy.