Dr Josephine Meade

Dr Josephine Meade


I joined the Division of Oral Biology as Lecturer in Molecular Immunology in 2012 where I now undertake my research within the Microbiology and Cell Biology Research group.

I obtained my PhD from Cambridge University (Hughes Hall college) in 2001 having performed my doctoral research on lymphocyte signalling and development in the laboratories of the Babraham Institue with Dr Martin Turner.  I first joined the University of Leeds in 2001 as a post doctoral research assistant working in the Leeds Institute for Molecular Medicine, researching natural killer lymphocyte biology in Professor Graham Cook's group.  I continued to work in this field as a research fellow funded through a Yorkshire Cancer Research Junior Researcher award in 2010.


  • Assessment Lead
  • Mitigation Officer
  • Joint Programme Lead

Research interests

My current research projects are focussed on investigating oral defences, including those provided by both specialist immune cells and cells comprising the mucosal tissues of our human oral cavitites.

I work closely on joint projects with microbiology colleagues exploring the interactions between oral microbes and human cells that occur in both health and disease in the mouth.

Our research group is also collaborating on projects aimed at investigating the associations between oral and systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.  This work focusses on uncovering the mechanisms by which oral and systemic disease pathology are linked.


  • PhD B cell Signalling and Development
  • BSc Biological Sciences (with Virology and Intercalated Industrial Year-Sandoz Vienna)
  • Teaching Award Level 2: Fellow of Higher Education Authority

Professional memberships

  • British Society of Immunology
  • International Association of Dental Research (+Oral Microbiology / Immunology sub group)
  • Member of Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry

Student education

I am responsible for delivering undergraduate teaching related to Immunology within the School of Dentistry which spans several modules.

I have also been jointly responsible for developing the MSc Translational Research in Oral Sciences.

I am currently Assessment Lead for the School of Dentistry with responsibility for both undergraduate and postgraduate assessment and as such sit on School and Exam board committees.

I am Mitigation Officer for the School of Dentistry, presenting cases to our school's Special Circumstances committee.

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