Zoe Needham

Tell us about your role as a Work Based Assessor for the University of Leeds, what do you do?

We are involved in developing student’s clinical skills and putting theory into practice. We organise sessions in a variety of clinical areas in order for the students to gain exposure and experience. We also plan training sessions and have regular meetings with the students to assess their progress and identify any specific learning needs. We play a key role in ensuring that the students are completing their logbooks and assessments which are required for University. We also attend regular work based assessor meetings at the University to ensure we are up to date with learning and logbook requirements.

What can students expect to learn when on placement with you?

Students will have exposure to a wide range of diagnostic testing within cardio-respiratory. They will have the opportunity to practice on patients in a real-life clinical setting. Students will gradually become more independent in carrying out certain tests as they gain more confidence. They will hopefully have lots of opportunities to develop essential skills such as communication, interpersonal and time management. As well as practical sessions, they will also have training sessions designed to build upon their existing theory.

What do you expect from our students when they are on placement at your cardiology department?

I expect them to behave professionally in front of patients and colleagues. They will be treated as a member of the team so I would expect them to be a team player. Good time management is also essential. I would also expect them to be enthusiastic and motivated to learn within the clinical environment.

How will our students benefit, when back in the classroom, from a placement at Harrogate NHS Foundation Trust?

I think that actually practising on patients is essential for students to understand what they are learning in the classroom. Hopefully, the theory will make a lot more sense to them. We are a small but very busy department, so hopefully, they will have plenty of exposure to various tests. I would hope that this would motivate them to want to learn more and develop their skills in this field.

What benefit will time spent with you have to students future careers?

We hope to give the students a good level of training and knowledge to prepare them for a role as a Cardiac Physiologist. Time spent on placement within the Cardiology department at Harrogate will be busy and very involved for the students and hopefully, this will be the best preparation for their future careers as qualified physiologists.

What is your favourite part of being one of our clinical educators?

The nature of the longer clinical placements allows us to really get to know the students and build a good rapport with them. It is nice to be able to pass on the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my own training. Most of all, it is rewarding to see them grow and develop their skills throughout their time on placement with us. Many of the students not only develop as a physiologist but also on a personal level as they gain more confidence and their personalities really shine through!