Undertaking research with us

Your research degree involves the development of your research skills and competence and therefore in many ways is a training programme. Of course you are examined on the quality of your research and you are required to pass the examination process to receive your research award.

Expert research and supervision

With us you will receive expert supervision from expert researchers. While the nature of the research groups varies across the Faculty you will have the opportunity to engage with world leading researchers and experts in their field. Through group, Institute and School research seminars/meetings you will engage with other PGRs and researchers and have the opportunity to present and discuss your research.

Cutting-edge facilities

You will be a member of a large prestigious research intensive University and Faculty, with collaborations with other areas in the University such as Biological Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Maths and Chemistry and with service user and carer organisations. This cross-disciplinary approach is the way forward for high-quality and meaningful research.

We have made significant investment in dedicated infrastructure and academic, technical and research staff to facilitate high quality applied health and biomedical research. Significant investment has been made to ensure you have an excellent working space and resources to undertake the research degree. The Faculty continues to invest to ensure there are the necessary resources to conduct high impact research that brings real-world change, has a positive impact on individuals and society and has a positive global impact.

Excellent academic support, guidance and bespoke training

We are committed to helping you prepare for what is ahead in your research degree and your future career. Even from the point of your induction we will be encouraging you to think ahead about your development needs and beyond the immediate research project.

Your supervisors will provide guidance and support throughout your research project. They are experts in the research area and experienced to advise on all aspects of your research degree. As well as the immediate supervisory team you will also have access to support from the postgraduate research community, other post-doctoral researchers, networking events, the Faculty Graduate School and Doctoral College.

With your supervisors you will identify your research training needs and create a training plan appropriate for the project. You will revisit this plan throughout your study and the focus of training will change as you move from a novice researcher towards an early career researcher.

Excellent career prospects

The Faculty of Medicine and Health has an outstanding reputation with world leading research activity. Successfully completing a research degree here will open up numerous doors for you. It may be the case that you follow a post-doctoral career in health service research, clinical research, basic science or translational research. This may be industry or in an academic institution. You may also look to develop your career focused on international development and charity based activity, publishing and media, health policy development or education. Your research degree in Leeds will enable you to develop a range of skills and experiences which will be a springboard for your next steps.