Aimee McIntyre

Aimee McIntyre

Aimee McIntyre is studying BSc Adult Nursing, and we asked her what are the top three things she loves most about her degree.

State-of-the-art facilities

I selected BSc Adult Nursing at the University of Leeds due to the facilities offered at University of Leeds, for example to excellent clinical skills suites which imitate the hospital setting in an educational facility. The placement areas offered from School of Healthcare really attracted me to University of Leeds; St James’s University Hospital can be described as one of the best teaching hospitals in Europe. The idea of splitting my studies equally across university academically and practically in clinical settings is great and allows for variation.   

Outstanding practical placements

Through my clinical placements provided by University of Leeds, I have been able to gain varied and intricate experience in many different aspects in nursing care. I have been able to do a community-based placement, working with the neighbourhood team, as well as spending time on the dialysis unit in the community.  

My favourite hospital-based placement has been the acute respiratory care unit within my critical care rotation. I chose to study nursing due to caring for my elderly grandmother, who had COPD, and this began my passion for the respiratory care sector and developed whilst on this placement. Moreover, I really enjoy the time allocated to clinical practice as I feel I am a practical learner and develop my knowledge better this way.  

Enhanced confidence and communication skills

I feel this degree has aided me to develop in an expected way by improving my confidence levels. This is because, through going onto different placements and interacting staff and patients and family members, I have been able to extend my interpersonal and communication skills. I feel these skills developed whilst on placement and during this degree as a whole, will aid me in my future nursing career through allowing me to feel more at ease when interacting with others and delivering the best care possible.