in International health research

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Avison Colin +44(0)113 343 4301 Operations Manager (Prog & Stud Support)
Ayre Helen +44(0)113 343 0549 Lecturer in Midwifery
Dr Sina Azadnajafabad Azadnajafabad Sina Research Data Analyst
Dr. Maryam Ba-Break Ba-Break Maryam +44(0)113 343 0824 Lecturer in Global and International Public Health
Badejoko Omobolaji Honorary Tutor
Baidoo Afua Research Finance Administrator
Dr Marc Bailey Bailey Marc +44(0)113 343 1050 Associate Professor of Vascular Medicine
Bailie Mary Clinical Coder
Bairstow Richard Clinical Teaching Fellow
Professor John Baker Baker John +44(0)113 343 1271 Chair Mental Health Nursing
Baker Charlotte Teaching Fellow in Clinical Neuropsychology
Bakhshayesh Peyman Honorary Senior Lecturer
Bakshi Sveta +44(0)113 343 0574 Honorary Tutor
Balcer-Whittle David Scientific Operations Officer
Banks Roz +44(0)113 206 4927 Professor of Biomedical Proteomics
Banks Suzanne +44(0)113 343 0571 Research Manager
Sophy Barber Barber Sophy Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Orthodontist
Barnfather Kristian Specialist in Prosthodontics
Dr Tyler Barr Barr Tyler Research Fellow
Professor Jenny Barrett Barrett Jenny +44(0)113 343 7358 Professor of Statistical Genetics