Academic - Surgery Colorectal Research Group

Background: Research undertaken by the academic surgical research group focuses on areas of unmet surgical need, bridging basic science research, preclinical studies, and clinical trials into colorectal disease. The surgical treatment of bowel cancer is a major area of interest.

Aims: to improve outcomes in the surgical treatment of colorectal disease through identification of unmet need and the development and evaluation of novel technologies and treatments.


  • To undertake basic science research investigating novel treatments for colorectal disease and the prevention of local recurrence
  • To develop innovative strategies to prevent common problems related to colorectal surgery and associated morbidity
  • To undertake early and late phase clinical trials to establish efficacy and safety of new treatments and technologies for the surgical treatment of colorectal disease.

Research themes

  • Image-guided oncological surgery: development of targeted fluorescent nanoparticles to aid intra-operative diagnosis and staging of colorectal cancer
  • Surgical technologies: development of innovative surgical technologies, including laser-guided surgery and photodynamic therapies
  • Safer surgery: new strategies to identify patients at risk of complications of colorectal surgery, including mHealth solutions 
  • Regenerative medicine: omental-derived regenerative cell technology to prevent anastomotic leak following colorectal surgery
  • Clinical trials research: early and late phase clinical trials of new technologies to improve patient outcomes following colorectal surgery
  • Global Surgery: development and evaluation of novel innovations to improve surgical outcomes in low and middle income countries

Who we are

Professor David Jayne

Associate Clinical Professor Aaron Quyn

Associate Professor Tom Hughes

Yazan Khaled, MRC Clinical Research Fellow

Candice Downey, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Stephen Chapman, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Hafdis Svavarsdottir, NIHR ACF

Will Bolton, NIHR Research Fellow in GLobal Surgery

Noel Aruparayil, NIHR Research Fellow in Glocal Surgery

Sarah Perry, Senior Technician

Tom Maisey, Technician

Alisa Rose, Technician

Funding Sources



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