Research groups

Group name Group summary
Academic - Surgery Colorectal Research Group Our groups aims to improve outcomes surgical treatment for colorectal disease, investigating and developing novel technologies and treatments.
Brain Cancer Research Group We are a consortium of investigators working to understand the processes that promote the development of different brain cancers, translating our findings for the benefit of brain cancer patients.
Breast Cancer Research Group We are a multidisciplinary and cross-faculty grouping working on all aspects of breast cancer in an effort to improve understanding of the disease. Our key aims are to identify strategies to prevent breast cancer, develop new treatments for breast cancer, and translate our research findings so that more patients can live beyond breast cancer, with improved quality of life.
Oncolytic Virus Research Group We are a group of research scientists studying oncolytic virotherapy for the treatment of cancer. We aim to identify the best strategies for maximizing the therapeutic benefit of oncolytic viruses by potentiating both the direct oncolytic and tumour-specific, immune-mediated effects of these viruses and to translate our findings into the clinic for the benefit of patients.
Section of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Our work spans a number of a number of key areas within Obstetrics and Gynaecology, including the predicting and preventing adverse pregnancy outcomes and gynaecological cancer.
The Melanoma Research Group The Melanoma Research Group uses genetic epidemiology to understand why people get melanoma and what determines survival after diagnosis.